The international jury of the exhibition of artistic bookbindings Scripta Manent V estimated three artefacts out of 115, from 19 countries, to be awarded with "Golden Book Award" one with "Award for the Best Student’s Work“, and eighteen with stimulating premiums as significant bindings or objects. The awards were posed by the Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders and its numerous supporters. The basis for estimation was proficiency, topicality, experimental creativity and original attitude.

"Golden Book Award"
Hartmann, Ingeborg M. (Germany)
Leesi, Leelo (Estonia)
Nakao, Eiko (Japan)

Baar, Hugo (Germany)
Bormann, Andreas (Germany)
Eikholm, Tiia (Estonia)
Fernandez, Miguel Perez (Spain)
Filipov, Anneli (Estonia)
Fujii, Keiko (Japan)
Hintsov, Eve (Estonia)
Hübotter, Lore (Germany)
Laas, Ivii (Estonia)
Lukats, Kaia (Estonia)
Maantoa, Rutt (Estonia)
Madrona, Dalia Lopez (Sweden)
Mrzljak, Lucija (Croatia)
Piisang, Tiina (Estonia)
Rajakangas, Tarja (Finland)
Sakano, Hiroko Nakano (Japan)
Widmann, Ulrich (Germany)

"Best Student's Award"
Moon, Helen (Estonia, EAA)

Student's Premium
Retter, Gerda (Estonia, TAC)

Golden Book Award 2015